Pub in the Glade

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Pub in the Glade
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Pub in the Glade

Pub in the Glade

A man down on his luck inherits a pub from his grandfather. His grandfather had always wanted to run a pub but didn’t like people so he set up a pub in a glade in the middle of the forest where no one could find it.

For years, there are no customers except for the pub’s one regular customer, Ludvik. Following an accident, Count Zeppelin’s airship is brought down in the forest near the pub and he becomes its first new customer for a long time. The Innkeeper tries to persuade the count to stay but the count – who is a womaniser – is disappointed that there are no women at the pub and decides to leave. The innkeeper then tells the count that there is indeed a lovely, young woman at the pub, his granddaughter, Růženka, who isn’t there at the moment as she has set off to town to buy saffron and a little bit of ginger. The count is persuaded to stay as he is captivated by the innkeeper’s granddaughter even though he has never seen her.

The situation is complicated further by the arrival of an escaped prisoner, Kulhánek who, too, decides to stay because he is captivated by Růženka. He then begins to compete with the count for the affections of the granddaughter.

The Pub in the Glade is a play with songs done in the style of the operetta. It cleverly uses the songs from the Operettas of Austrian and Czech composers to portray the hopes, desires and dreams of the characters and their undying love for the beautiful Růženka.

The Cast

Innkeeper: Michael Pitthan
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin: Adam Stewart
Kulhánek: Curt Matthew
Ludvík Trachta: Ben Bradshaw

Directed by Peter Hosking

Written by Zdeněk Svěrák, Ladislav Smoljak and Jára Cimrman
Translation: Emília Machalová and Brian Stewart
Script editor: Hanka Jelínková

Místo konání akce: Cimrman English Theatre, Štítného 5, 130 00 Praha 3, Praha
Datum začátku akce: 18. Května 2018 19:00
Datum ukončení akce: 18. Května 2018 21:30
Pravděpodobné souřadnice: 50.0858N 14.4494E

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Jméno organizátora: Cimrman English Theatre
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