Death Coffee Párty 7. - official event

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Death Coffee Párty 7. - official event
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Death Coffee Párty 7. - official event

DEATH COFFEE PARTY 7. - open air metal festival in Czech Rep.
Bands: Haemorrhage (ESP - gore grind), Pro-Pain (USA - NYHC), Death By Stereo (USA - hardcore metal), INGESTED (UK - brutal death), GUTALAX ( cz gore grind ) (CZE - gore grind), Within Destruction (SLO - brutal death), guineapig (IT - gore grind), Stillbirth (GER - brutal death), GUTSLIT (IND - slam death), DEVANGELIC (IT - brutal death), Anime Torment (CZE - death metal), Brutally Deceased (CZE - old-school death), HOPES (CZ - hardcore), urtikariaanal (MEX - porn-grind), CENOTAPH (TR - brutal death), Consumed By Vultures (CH - brutal death), Killchain (SK - grind death), DIPHTERIA metal (CZE - death metal) STOLEN LIVES (CZE - fast thrash), Desire for Sorrow (CZE - melodic black), Marked As An Enemy (CZE - metalcore), Deep Throat (CZE - gore-grind), Diligence (CZE - death metal), InnerSphere (CZE - death-thrash), Prolapsed (CZE - death grind), DEAF & DUMB (CZE - death grind), INCARNATE (CZE - grindcore), Consequences (CZE - death metal), Marina (CZE - modern death), Pothead (CZ - weedcore) and many more!!! Parking and camping: FREE Share this event with your friends and invite them!!!

21. 6. v 15:00 až 23. 6. v 2:00

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